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How to Create Realistic, Timed Parked Cars

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Created13.01.2022 01:12

Terry "hulk" Hogan (hoganWCW97) 13.01.2022 01:12
I've done some tinkering around and added parking spaces to the gas station in the US map, which really helps it feel populated and alive. However, it would be great if these spaces could only be occupied at certain times, or in the case of the spaces next to the gas pumps, randomly and for short periods of time.

I have noticed when selecting any of the "parkedcars" within the TrafficSystem group, there is an option in the attributes for Visibility Conditions. At first, it seems as though this would work to at least have a vehicle appear parked at a certain time (such as when Mr. Gas Station attendant arrives at work) and then leave at a certain time (such as when he goes home). However, I tried this out and it doesn't seem to have any effect.

Any suggestions? There must be a way to do this.

Fox Doyle (FoxNextDoor) 24.01.2022 17:58
I believe you would have to create a timer script for the visibility options, add each time you want vehicles to be shown and link them to the LUA, XML, and the map.

I could entirely be wrong as well.

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 25.01.2022 14:27
It seems like this should be doable through visibility conditions. How are you referencing the time? It's tracked in minutes. So, if you want it to be visible from 0900-1700, the corresponding times would be 540 and 1020. Keep in mind this is only "visibility." Outside of those hours, even though the spot looks empty, you would likely crash into an invisible car if you were to try and park there :)

Terry "hulk" Hogan (hoganWCW97) 26.01.2022 00:54
So I've created a mod that has visual "parking spaces." (painted lines with the concrete blocks) I've tried creating transform groups called "parkedCars" (the way they are named in the map.i3d file) but it doesn't work.

From within the map, I did try creating additional "parkedCars" and it does work, but setting the timers by minutes had no result in game, and when I reloaded the map.i3d, my timer values had returned to 0.

What I would really like to have would be my visual placeable parking spaces (the painted lines) and have them also contain randomly occupied spots. So for instance, the gas station or a selling point you just placed looks alive and real, like people are coming and going. Surely there must also be a way for some detection if the player has a vehicle occupying the spot, an AI car will not be generated.

I just have the idea, I only know enough to be dangerous, I am trying to learn.

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.01.2022 11:18
For your mod to work it requires the TrafficSystem.onCreate and a the $data/maps/mapUS/trafficSystem.xml to be used as this controls not only the traffic but the placing of parked cars

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