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Created13.01.2022 01:26

Tarnat 13.01.2022 01:26

Edilson Dias Moraes (cemil) 10.04.2022 09:16
The train spline is not closed. Open splines are not supported!

maps/placeables/trainSystem/trainSystem.xml): Placeable loading failed!

maps/placeables/trainSystem/trainSystem.xml' could not be loaded

estou com esses erros e que não consigo resolver, e como faz para fechar o spline do train ?

Adrian Droste (oggimaster) 10.04.2022 11:12
You have to close spline by selecting it and pressing "O". As far as I know you have to put the start (S) and ending (E) point next to each other and out of the playable map area (just drag the points outwards).

I think the other to messages "..loading failed" and "..could not be loaded" are both a result of this problem.

If the other errors still appear, check the data paths if they are right.

In the storeitems.xml you have to put §mapdir§/(path in modmap).. to link to the right file.

In the trainsystems.xml is in the first line something like "schemexml:...." - remove the points and put $data/ infront. This is necesarry for the modded trainsystem in your modmap to work properly

Edilson Dias Moraes (cemil) 10.04.2022 22:13
Adrian Droste (oggimaster)

muito obrigado consegui era so o spline aberto, fechou ele os outros erros ja desapareceu.
agora ta tudo funcionando.

os caminhos ja estava tudo correto.

muito obrigado pela atenção.

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