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Created16.01.2022 15:41

Henry Melrose (Haza747) 16.01.2022 15:41

I am looking at converting my map, I would like to convert the terrain files and ground folliage so I do not have to re do again in my FS22 map.

I copied over map.i3d.terrain.nmap and map.i3d.terrain.lod.type but this didnt work.

How do I go about the conversion?

Thank you!

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 17.01.2022 11:35
The terrain textures from FS19 cannot be used in FS22 without converting both in size (512 to 1024) and compression (DXT5 to BC7) likewise with the ground foliage grass etc, gdm/grle files will also have to be replaced as they contain different layer data to FS19.

The good news is the weight files and map.dem. png are the same size and can be used, however some may need renaming.

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