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ETA on Blender 3.0 capability with Exporter tools

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Created17.01.2022 16:57

M********* R******** (sharecropper27) 17.01.2022 16:57

I am unable to use Blender to export i3d until they update the exporter tools. Is there a timeline on when this will be available?

Ed Propsner (crotchfrog) 17.01.2022 18:03
Have you googled and checked the net (I'm assuming you most likely have)? Usually someone posts a workaround or substitute until an "official release" is available. I'm still using 2.93.3 but I think even on that version, I'm not using the GDN release.

Ben Filer (Bfiler95) 17.01.2022 19:48
have a look here...

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 17.01.2022 20:15
The blender Exporter compatible with Blender 3.0 is available in the downloads section of this forum -Blender EXporter Plugins V9.0.1. (26.11.2021)

I have'nt had any problems using it in Blender 3.0

The only problem is the lack of Documentation from Giants but there are some Youtube vids around showing some of the settings notably from Modelleicher and his Snow mask video.

M********* R******** (sharecropper27) 17.01.2022 23:12
I appreciate the responses. I am using Blender steam version 3.0 so it will autoupdate.
I downloaded the latest version and had to click on it inside blender3.0-->edit-->preferences-->addson-->install-->click on the exporter

check the box "Giants i3d exporter"

Close and reopen Blender 3.0

Once you're back in Blender, press "N"

A tab should appear which says Giants i3d exporter.

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