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Created19.01.2022 13:01

David Foster (braveheart) 19.01.2022 13:01
can someone please help I'm trying to change my mod map folder name from mod_Map_us to my map name and make the game recognize it i've tried copying the way someone else's xml files look for the same mod map and i guess that i'm taking something out of the xml files i shouldn't or not changing something can someone please help me with the proper way to do this i've at least got the game to recognize it but it only loads to 15% and freezes can someone help me with the correct way to do this i'm so close to finally putting out my first map that i think everyone will enjoy just trying to figure this out and then finish the farm and i will be publishing this map thanks again can someone please help

David Foster (braveheart) 19.01.2022 22:01
i finally figured it out thanks

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