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can someone please help my old 46 self please

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Created24.01.2022 09:07

David Foster (braveheart) 24.01.2022 09:18
can someone please help me find a list of the i3d for loading/unloading icon trigger and the i3d for the wrench icon for repair and sell of vehicles please someone help i'm trying to learn all this for my stream I started streaming farming sim 19 a while back and have quite a few followers who like to watch me stream fs22 so i thought what the heck lets try to make a map for viewers sake and I have done pretty well so far on learning a lot of things myself but I am very stuck with this and it's really starting to make my old self blood pressure to boil with anger and stress can someone please please help me with this can't find any videos or tutorials to help anywhere please help

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 24.01.2022 11:34
A list of all the triggers and their i3d's are in the relevant map file - data-placebles- mapAlpine/mapFR/mapUs
For the location of the relevant marker icon see data--shared--assets--marker

David Foster (braveheart) 26.01.2022 09:34
i'm not understanding where there at i look in the placebles files and there aren't any i3d just xml file names of the placebles and i also don't understand data shared assets marker i don't see that anywhere

Colin Smith (WrinkleysRule) 26.01.2022 10:59
It is quite simple the "data-shared-assets-marker" refers to the position in your Farming Simulator 2022 game folder, full path as follows

C:\Programme Files (x86)/Farming Simulator 2022/data/shared/assets/marker
placeables are located in

C:\Programme Files (x86)/Farming Simulator 2022/data/placeables/mapUS or mapFR or mapAlpine in the relevant selling station folders

From my 75 year old self

David Foster (braveheart) 27.01.2022 08:25
thank you so much and i'm glad to see older guys like us playing these games thanks again i'm gonna do all i can to find this

David Foster (braveheart) 27.01.2022 08:29
i found them thank you so much for your help have a blessed day

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