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Created25.01.2022 05:00

. Alexey . (2Alexey2) 25.01.2022 05:00
How can I find out via LUA if a device connected to a tractor has a PTO? I want to animate cardan shafts on a tractor. I managed to track if the device is turned on. But if you hook a plow or cultivator to the tractor, it gives the error "getIsTurnedOn() is a nil value"

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.01.2022 10:11
In most cases you must check at first for a nil value:

if self.getIsTurnedOn ~= nil and self:getIsTurnedOn() then

. Alexey . (2Alexey2) 27.01.2022 16:23
A good option, but I simple checked if there is a PTO in the a config file
if object.ptoInput ~= nil then
if object:getIsPowerTakeoffActive() == true then
Utils.updateRotationNodes(self, self.ptoRotationNodes, dt, true);
Utils.updateRotationNodes(self, self.ptoRotationNodes, dt, false);

. Alexey . (2Alexey2) 27.01.2022 16:25
Thanks for reply

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