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loading mod width specified map

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Created01.06.2012 18:45

Milan Lekše (Unknown) 01.06.2012 18:49
Stefan or any body else - is there a way to load mod with specified map like this I have map A with only 4 fruits and map B with 12 fruits but mod for adding fruits add fruits to map A too, is there a way to prevent this


Detlef Boevers - GIANTS Software 03.06.2012 08:21
Its only one Way to use an Mapchange Mod, who lists the Maps, and all of compatible Mods for that map.

Otherway is to including all your mods into your map, but this is difficult for any changes in future.

D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 22.06.2012 18:36
A way to prevent fruits being available in another map, would be to only register the fruits when the map-script is loaded - i.e. when the SampleModMap.LUA script is loaded and executed.

You could take a look at the Beacons View V2 map, available on, which contains this feature.

However please note, that _all_ maps in your MODS folder, their SampleModMap.LUA scripts (or whatever they would be renamed to) must be made such that they register their fruits only when the SampleModMap.LUA is loaded. - If just one mod contains a <extraSourceFiles>-section that loads a fruit script, it will not work.

Also note, that this only works for the first map loaded - if you abandon a game-session and load another map, without exiting the game completely to the desktop, the previous fruits will still be registered in the game's memory.

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