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Code of the key buttons

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Created20.09.2012 14:49

Roberto Palomera Madrazo (Unknown) 20.09.2012 14:50

I wonder, what are the codes to check pressing cursor keys (up, down, right and left), and the + and - on the numeric keypad.


* alt + h -------> if isDown and sym == Input.KEY_h and bitand (modifier, Input.MOD_ALT)> 0 then

* Alt + up -----> if isDown and sym == Input.KEY_???? and bitand (modifier, Input.MOD_ALT)> 0 then

Thanks, in advance.

Roberto Palomera Madrazo (Unknown) 01.10.2012 18:58
Nobody knows the code?

Sven Bräutigam (Unknown) 03.10.2012 14:23
simply KEY_up , KEY_down , KEY_left and KEY_right
but remember that some keys can´t be combined with modification keys like alt & ctrl

Roberto Palomera Madrazo (Unknown) 03.10.2012 22:05
Thanks for your help Sven777b

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