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Changing input binding & help text

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Created03.02.2013 00:07

Nigel Dunne (Unknown) 03.02.2013 00:11
Just got a slight problem when trying to use my own custom input bindings and I was wondering if anybody could help. This is a long one but needed to fully understand what I did. See the image below first

You'll notice the two help texts that are highlight in green and red. The one in red is the original input binding for the mod. It uses the IMPLEMENT_EXTRA input binding which is Key B & buttons LB & X. This particular function is used by many of the default implements in game and used to turn on/off the implement. I wanted to change this so that this function would use a different set of bindings without changing the bindings already associated with IMPLEMENT_EXTRA.

So I created a new input binding in the modDesc.xml called ABBEYLOAD and set it up to use Key Z and the button Y on the controller. I then edited the LUA file for this mod and change the input binding there to ABBEYLOAD. This worked perfectly. The mod now uses my new input bindings to turn on/off the implement...

BUT!!! The help text highlighted in red does not change to reflect the new input bindings. It still shows the input bindings for IMPLEMENT_EXTRA despite no longer using these. This is why I created the help text highlighted in green. I edited the LUA file some more and got it exactly the way I wanted.

I know I can just rebind the keys for IMPLEMENT_EXTRA in the control setting in the options menu but I don't want to touch those as I still want IMPLEMENT_EXTRA to use Key B and buttons LB & X.

The question? Is it possible to get rid of the help text highlighted in red so I can just use the green version I created? OR is it possible to edit the red text so that it reflects the custom input bindings I want to use? Basically I want the red help text to resemble the green help text.

Remember the help text in red is the one displayed originally with the mod and also used by many of the defaults implements in the game. The help text in green is the one I added.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Dave Hicks (Unknown) 03.05.2013 19:04
i had the same issue ijust changed the IMPEMENT_EXTRA to IMPLEMEN_EXTRA3 you just need to change it to the name of the binding you wana use.

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