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Custom sound dont work

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Created12.03.2013 11:14

Andrej Mazak (Unknown) 12.03.2013 11:32
Hi. I tried to add to combine a sound with pitch controlled by variable in script.
I used these guides ... ence_sound

To the ESLimiteter.lua i added this function

function ESLimiter:init()
engSnd = createSample("EngineSound");
loadSample(engSnd, "sounds/idle.wav", false);

and to the update(dt)

I added lines:

playSample(engSnd, 1, 1, 0);

where self.thr is changed in range 0,5-2 as function reference requires. I have no errors in log but sound isnt played. Im sure that the added lines in the update(dt) are executed, because lines before and after works. I dont know if problem is caused by different folders of script and sound. In this mod is moddesc.xml in main, script is in folder scripts and wav is in folder sounds.

Marcus H (Xentro) 12.03.2013 17:53
read that.

Andrej Mazak (Unknown) 16.03.2013 10:46
Thank you.

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