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Created31.07.2013 18:57

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 31.07.2013 19:01

I come to you because after creating a mod pack (patch 1.4) run everything, I instaler patch 2.0 public beta and then nothing works.
I did some tests is I overview the foldable LUA block my mod why?

I use annimation create in Maya and now his works more .... sniff sniff
thank you for your help

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 10.08.2013 22:54
here I come back with my animation concern which is no longer in the beta
I noticed that in the log of the Beta you do not mention that you
change Foldable.lua ( his clenched nice to have a day set a lua from you
because now I know how to do

example: my way
    <foldingParts startMoveDirection="1">
         <foldingPart componentJointIndex="0" anchorActor="0" animationClip="clip1Source" rootNode="0> 7 "speedScale =" 0.25 "/>
         <foldingPart componentJointIndex="1" anchorActor="0" animationClip="clip2Source" rootNode="0> 9 "speedScale =" 0.3 "/>
     </ foldingParts>

I remove the "rootNode" mod works but it does not fold
and if there is it sets the game

please help thank you

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