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Created03.10.2013 11:01

Cochie Jeremie (Unknown) 03.10.2013 11:08
i'm french developper and new in Farming and creating mod and lua scripting.
I want to understand how work script lua with mod. I read a lot if script and i see many similar functions in all script
example : load, update, updatetick

what's the difference with update and updatetick.

It's difficult to find a right documentation and i think that the tutorial isn't representative with script lua for fs 2013


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 06.12.2013 11:51
Update is called every frame, while updateTick is only called for every network tick. At the moment the network tick rate is 30ms. In updateTick you should do stuff that is required for a prober network synchronization, e.g. calculating which states have changed.
On the other hand you should calculate things in the update function, which are required to be updated every frame. E.g. an animation of an object.

Craig Daniel (Unknown) 09.11.2015 22:52
What happened to the video tutorials for 13?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.11.2015 09:10

the links have been removed.

Some topics of the videos are very similar in FS15.
So you could have a try and watch the videos for FS15.

Anyway, FS15 offers way more possibilities and better graphics than FS13 so I would highly recommend FS15 to you :)


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