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Silo unload speed

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Created08.03.2014 22:11

Paul Laverick (Unknown) 08.03.2014 22:13

Just wondering if there is a way to alter the farm silo unload speeds? Very slow. If it was a vehicle, then it would be easy, but is there a way to cycle the static objects in LUA? Just like you can with vehicles types?

for k, v in pairs(VehicleTypeUtil.vehicleTypes) do


Many thanks

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 10.03.2014 10:34
unload speed is defined by the vehicle

Michael Gallagher (Unknown) 18.04.2014 01:58
You can download a mod that will do what your looking for here:

You can also edit the LUA in the zip file to make it slower or faster as you like works very well with latest patch. I'm using it.

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