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Utils.getXZWidthAndHeight - first argument

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Created01.05.2014 10:07

Darko Revan (Unknown) 01.05.2014 10:12
Hey Guys,

I am wondering about the first argument for the function Utils.getXZWidthAndHeight, which is the "id" argument.

According to my testings it seems as if this argument is absolutely useless.
I passed all kinds of values of each type for the "id" argument but the return values are always the same.
So I decided to assign "nil" for it whenever I use the function and so far it worked perfectly fine.

Never the less... I don't like to guestimate, so pls let me know if there is any use for this argument or not.



Thomas Waltl (Unknown) 03.05.2014 19:53
No there is no use of this argument until now. You can give the argument nil or anything else. It is not used in the function.

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 05.05.2014 15:25
As bluetiger already said the id parameter is not used in the function. It was used in Farming Sim 2009 and is now just a placeholder for modding backward compatibility

the function only converts the world coords to a vector based parallelogramm:

return startWorldX, startWorldZ, widthWorldX-startWorldX, widthWorldZ-startWorldZ, heightWorldX-startWorldX, heightWorldZ-startWorldZ;

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