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setFoliageStateOverlayFruitTypeColor don't works with more than 16 fruits?

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Created03.05.2014 19:52

Thomas Waltl (Unknown) 03.05.2014 20:00
I ve put about 30 fruits in one FML (FoliageMultiLayer). Everything works fine. Seeding, cultivating, grothw everything is okay. But in the modified Esc Menu only 16 fruits will be colored of the FoliageStateOverlay. The same with setFoliageStateOverlayGrowthStateColor. The GRLE works fine and stores the fruits.
Is there anyway to get it working? Or did I maybe something wrong?

Some help would be nice

Manuel Leithner - GIANTS Software 05.05.2014 15:22
The default fruit limit shown in the ingame menu is 12

Thomas Waltl (Unknown) 06.05.2014 00:54
okay yes, the default. Giants is too static!
I ve overwritten that. So it schould work with more then 12 fruits! It schoudl work with as many fruits it has! It supports more than one FML! But with only one FML it doesn't show more than 16 fruits. With more than one, it does!

FML means FoliageMultiLayer in the i3d File!

I supposed it should work with only one FML! When you set e.g. 8 Bits for Fruit Index than 4! It works for GE (Gaints Editor) and it works for game. Just only the Set FolgiagStateOverlyGrowthStateColor and the other Commands does not color the fruits!!!! So I think the "ground" code does not support more than 16 fruits since LS2008! Aren't Gaints a little bit to static in that case? Since LS 2008 until now? Much have be done! Okay I know people which can't play LS2013 on a high end PC. But like me: I can play LS2013 on a Dual Core PC with HIGH Qualtity without LAGS!! It is a think of optimizing!
Okay I am expert of optimizing "old" PC Hardware to new Software Specs like it e.g. GamingSoftware does. BUT "One I have to say" The Giants Engine is too Static in my opinion" It could more flexible! whitout loose of performance! Some little alternated options would make the community pleasant and would make the engine and the game to we call it "Eier legende WolllMilchSau" (it means an animal which could leg eggs give wool, milk and steaks!)
Little Changes would make it possible. And the performance wouldn't take effect of it. I know what I'm saying! The only thing I don't know is the code of the Engine it self. But it couldn't be that different like other's.

Thomas Waltl (Unknown) 06.05.2014 00:57
From my expert opinion it is a good engine! But some things haven't to be like they are!
Some things could be changed by moders! Others would work against the acceptance and quality of Gaints like the NOT Scripting Documentation!

Conor Warren (Unknown) 25.01.2015 17:19
hey how can i find and edit the FML? ive been editing quite a bit, and so far have everything correct except fill planes for additional fruits rye oat and sunflower. the huds work corerctly and can select in game in seeder but they cannot actually sow.
i feel like im missing one little thing if you could shed some light?

Jamie Wagner (Unknown) 02.04.2015 21:53
i was wondering if there were goin to be more fruits that could be planted on the farms as in real life and not in greenhouses is there goin to be more scripts that will allow this i love the game but it seems a lil unlike real life as my fiance was raised on a farm and they feed their chickens corn mesh this would be very nice to be able to plant more

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