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how add input in a script?

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Created27.05.2014 11:34

Mattia Mattia (giro00000) 27.05.2014 11:36
I have to add an input in a script but when I go to buy the mods in the game I did not buy....someone can tell me what I have to add in the script to put a input?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.05.2014 08:38

if i understand you correctly then you want to achieve the same thing as mentioned in this thread:

Generally speaking: There are a lot of mods out there which do that (and much more).
Just dig into one and have closer look ;)
Always watch you log.txt it propably contains some handy information for you if something doesn't work as expected.

If you have any particular question feel free to ask.


Mattia Mattia (giro00000) 18.06.2014 14:15
I am looking for somebody who knows how to make scripts to help me to add an input into one you know them?

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