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How to hide the player's name?

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Created11.06.2014 16:35

Patryk Serafin (Unknown) 11.06.2014 16:38
How to hide the player's name??
I needs one code. Please Help now!
I would like to hide the name of the player in Multiplayer. I just need this to be appealed.
It's that?
Sorry for the language, I'm from Polish

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 16.06.2014 08:04

have a look at the steerable.lua:

The variable 'self.nicknameRenderNode' is propably what you're looking for.


Bartek9843 (Unknown) 16.06.2014 20:04
I want to when you click assigned key to disappear "Nick" player in Multiplayer. How to do it? :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 17.06.2014 08:41
You'll have to write a script ;)

With the afore mentioned variable you can change the position of the player's name, when he/she is inside a vehicle.

Bartek9843 (Unknown) 17.06.2014 08:54
I wrote the script, but I do not know how well. :/

Bartek9843 (Unknown) 17.06.2014 08:57
My script. I'm a beginner. Please bear with us. ;)

John Doe (Unknown) 04.12.2014 19:25
Have a look to hud hider mod, basicly you should do the work by adapting it.
You've got the basic key declaration in modDesc.xml, and the use of the declared action in the .lua file ;)

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