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Detect Collision Bounds

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Created13.08.2014 11:56

Kai Specht (FIAT8090DT) 13.08.2014 12:02

Is it possible to get the bounds of a collision?
Or more simply : Is it possible to check if a point/position on map would conflict with a collision on map?

Best regards

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.08.2014 10:37

propably you could use a (very small?) trigger and move it around in the world.

Best regards,

Kai Specht (FIAT8090DT) 14.08.2014 11:37
Thanks, thats an nice idea :)
I´ll give it a chance.

But, an directly access to the functions the engine uses for collision detecting is not possible?

Dread Tuga (dread) 15.11.2014 23:47
You have to press f5 with console enabled to see collisions and light sources.
Enable the console in game.xml.

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