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Created09.10.2014 23:15

Tony Stark (AceGT5) 09.10.2014 23:19
hi,i've a tractor that i like for farming simulator 2013,i buy it in the shop,appears,but one minor thing,it has hand throttle/handbrake script and i have to press a button to take it off(ingame) but i want to use the tractor without pressing a button,i don't like using any machinery with handbrake/handthrottle,any hekp would be great! thanks,it also has the specialization for it,i've tried many theories to get it off but to no avail,would it be editing the script for it?

Alexander Matveev (Unknown) 06.11.2014 22:09
Yes, handbrake is in the script, but you can try to remove specialization for the handbrake from the mod xml file.
If it wont work, you can provide me a link for that mod, i'll see what i can do.

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