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Created02.11.2014 08:45

Ryan Pederson (Unknown) 02.11.2014 08:49
#1 how does the Ponsse Scorpion get the cut lengths (basicly want 30m cut option for semi trailer or adding seperate keys for delimb and cut.

#2 scripting terrain texture changes (asphalt dirt gravel ect ) in game. If this is not currently possible it needs to be added.

Manuel Moser (Unknown) 04.11.2014 15:18
#1 i am trying same thing but i dont found any information about the script for it...
i just found treemeasure ?

Eric Boogaard (EJBModding) 06.11.2014 22:23
#1 Add this line where ever in the vehicle's XML file. Attention, the Vehicle type have to be woodHarvester!

<cutLengths min="5" max="15" step="1" />

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