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Initialize-Event when map has finished loading?

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Created10.11.2014 03:55

Julien Rüggeberg (Unknown) 10.11.2014 04:00
Hi Guys,

I am looking for how to register an initialize event that is called when the map has finished loading.

In a mod I am just writing some tasks need to be done when all other vars are loaded into memory. I helped myself out with using an 'isInitialized'-bool, checking that in the update function and thereby calling my init-function once as soon as the game starts rendering the map.
This works fine, unfortunately, if I leave the map to the main menu and then load the map again, the isInitialized-Var does not seem to be set back to false again.

Is there a callback funtion that is called exactly once per level load, but for sure every time the level is loaded?

Sebastian Lampe (Unknown) 10.11.2014 20:18
Hi Julien,

you could try using "g_currentMission.isLoadingMap" which is a bool and when I tried it, it returned "false" as I entered the game. I don't know exactly what it does but the name of the variable sounds promising :)

Best Sebastian

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