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Created26.03.2015 22:16

Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 26.03.2015 22:16

is it possible to open a xxx.i3d.ANIM file?
to be recovered because my animated GE plant is I lost all my animation mod.

thank you to you.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 27.03.2015 09:34

no, sorry that's not possible.

You can create an animation in an i3d file via texteditor the same way as in earlier years (before the i3d.anim files), but pay attention to not save the file with the GE until you're happy with the animation ;)


Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 27.03.2015 22:50

yes I have ever had the problem from GE Registered :( So I finished the movie but here once in game nothing works , yet before registered under GE 's work , how can I fix the problem ?

that's how I do it:
I create all my animation notpad ++ GE in his works is the mod unzipped his works (without i3d.ANIM file) when the file i3d.ANIM create his longer works.

thank you to you.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 30.03.2015 08:42

hard to say ...

Maybe you are using a mod script?
Eventually the animation is not loaded at all by the script?

If the animation works inside GE you created the animation correctly at least.


Ludovic Fritz (mrludo40) 30.03.2015 14:36

hello emil ,

for animated movie I play a lua yes . I made ​​my animation as if it

eg via notpad ++ :

< Animation>
< AnimationSets >
< Animationsand name = " Porte_Av ">
< Clip name = " Porte_Av " duration = " 2500" >
< Keyframes nodeId = " 571 ">
< Keyframe time = "0" rotation = "0 0 0" iprin = "linear " iprout = "linear " visibility = " true" />
< Keyframe time = " 2500" rotation = "0 55 0" iprin = "linear " iprout = "linear " visibility = " true" />
</ Keyframes >
</ Video >
</ Animationsand >
</ Animation>

his is working very well I thee not save as otherwise its GE walk over

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.03.2015 08:32

doubting highly that the posted example works I advise you to fix it and try it again.

Maybe compare it to an older example where the animation is still directly saved inside an i3d file.


Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 18.05.2015 18:21
A way exists .... also very simple .... (I only in private, I can provide the explanation, again really trivial !!) But I think the Giants will not say never, nor ever will release documentation on scripts FS15 ....


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 19.05.2015 07:28

the script documentation will be released when the patch 1.3 is finished.


Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 19.05.2015 18:21
Wow, if confirmed then this release is good news, thank you!

Best regard

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