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Created23.11.2009 10:41

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 23.11.2009 10:46
Hi at all,
I have this problem.
I have a trailer mod where are define a local variable (trailer) where there is a field "wheels" type table.
If I print to screen the element of "wheels", write me this:

1(table)=table: 1D5F6F60
2(table)=table: 1D5F70C8
3(table)=table: 1D5F6FB0
4(table)=table: 1D5F70F0
5(table)=table: 1D5F6EE8
6(table)=table: 1D5F7168

I don't understud how I read this information.

Can help me?
Thanks in advance
Best regards.

Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 29.11.2009 11:02
There are tables in the the table wheels.
You should print again the contents of these tables to see what's there.

Claudio Accotardi (Unknown) 03.12.2009 22:06
Thanks Mr. Geiger.
Best regards

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