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Created09.04.2015 03:33

Jason Jacobes (Unknown) 09.04.2015 03:49
2 questions..?

1st. I want to make a towable implement need to be filled to work. So you need to dump the contents of a wagon next to it, and the implement feeds from that rather then being towed and collecting stuff. How do I do this? Is it as easy as changing " <allowFillFromAir value="false"/>. " to trure?
2nd. I want my PTO attachment to be on my tractor and only appear when hitched to implement. Not other way around. How do I do this? Is this done with the "PowerShaft" <specialization> ? Thanks loads -jason

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 09.04.2015 08:48

1) could you explain this in more detail?
Is there any real vehicle/implement which does this?
I just don't understand what you exactly want to do respectively what it might be usefull for ?!

2) In the default game there is no "PowerShaft" specialization.
Please have a look at the .xml file of a default tractor and a default tool where both make use of a power shaft and search for the string "pto" ...
I guess you'll figure out how it works ... it's exactly the way you want it to work.
The tractor defines the shaft to be loaded ;)


Jason Jacobes (Unknown) 09.04.2015 10:23
Yea I am old time bailer. I used one in real life. The baler is towed out by where ever you need to work. The straw is piled up next bailer. You turn on the engine and you feed the straw to bailer. Know what I mean?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 10.04.2015 08:48

yes, I think I understand what you wanna do.
e.g. unload straw/hay from a forage waggon to any place and grab that unloaded stuff with the baler, right?
Sadly, but truely there is no default function which for that.

You would have to write a custom script to do that.

One idea might be to use the already existing "alternativeTipping mod" (which enables you to drop a load where ever you want to) and just edit the baler to support collecting straw/hay from the heaps which have been created by the alternative tipping mod.

But there also different approaches possible ;)


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