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Order of eggs

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Created15.05.2015 00:22

Univerpix Studio (Unknown) 15.05.2015 00:26
Hi everybody!
I made a pallett with 10 rows for the eggs. Each row has a tray, and 32 eggs. So there are 320 eggs. My problem is: The eggs appear randomly in game, no matter how I sort them in Giants editor. So there's no appearing order. Is there any way to make them visible in a specifiing order? Maybe with a script.
Can anybody help me?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.05.2015 10:32

you are rigth, the order in which the eggs appear is random.

You could change that with a script easily at one point, but the script documentation won't include the script for this problem.
So, I'm really sorry to say but you are kind of stuck concerning this problem.

Well, in the end there is always a possibility to adjust things.
For example the position of the eggs could be arranged according to the pallet.
I mean, as soon as an egg gets visible it could be moved to the next 'free slot' in the pallet.
But this approach might not be 'efficient', beacuse you wuld always have to check all eggs for their state (active/visible or not)


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