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Created15.07.2015 12:17

Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 15.07.2015 12:21
In the documentation you published on script, I did not find what lua, is handled the choice of color and its mask of pop-up in the store. you can have info on this? I would like to implement a function and some variable on the purchase of a mod, besides the color you might choose the power or equipment, ect. without loading more mod similar, but using the same shape and the same file textur. thanks for your answer ..

Best regard Ago.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.07.2015 14:18

the default color for a vehicle is given by the following attribute in the modDesc.xml:
<isDyeable color="0.8879 0.5972 0.0018 1">true</isDyeable>
but I guess you know that already.

So, sorry to say but there is no easy way to implement what you request, because applying the color is done by the "shop" so to say.

You can try to set up a GUI which comes up after buying the vehicle and allows the user to adjust the vehicle or you simply create different "store items".


Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 21.07.2015 09:34
Thanks for the answer, but not the one you expected, the solution proposed by you also know .. I just wanted to know which script handles the pop-up, allowing the selection of colors ...


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 22.07.2015 08:14

the script which handles the color selection is a 'non public' one.


Ago Systemtech (acsystemtech) 22.07.2015 18:28
Okay, thank you, message received ..

Regard Ago.

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