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Basic xml script for a crane?

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Created18.07.2015 23:14

Marctheboy Geekabits (Marctheboy) 18.07.2015 23:15
is there a basic Xml file i can use to mod a stationary WoodCrane to unload/load traillers to train cart

i have all the modeling done in blender... i follow the same parenting as the ponsee.
exported in the Giant Editor
now i want to know the basic command line i need to make it move

and is it possible to have a placeble that can operate (enter/exit)?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.07.2015 08:18

by default there are no buildings which could be used by the player (also no placeables).

So you would have to write a custom script to make the crane move.

I think for fs13 there was a mod which did something similar.
But I have no idea if this mod works without any errors in FS13 or FS15.


Marctheboy Geekabits (Marctheboy) 23.07.2015 04:04
thx but i found a way to make it work. :)

if i want to make a crane with different implement at the end, ( Crate Lift, Log Claw) how do i XMl that...

Mod 2 implements separately, then add a attach joint on the Crane and implement, or i can just press a button and the implement change with the collision box... ?

what does the XML files command be?

Marctheboy Geekabits (Marctheboy) 23.07.2015 04:04
ill keep searching and experimenting

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.07.2015 08:07

by default there is no option to change the "attacher joint" by pressing a button.
You would need a custom script for that.

An other way would be to make the crane first attach a tool (different grabbers/forks/...) and control the attached tool afterwards.
This way you could create an arbitrary number of different 'grabbing tools' for the crane.
That's the way how the default frontloaders/teleloaders work ;)


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