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Created11.08.2015 08:42

Andy Mikell (Skooter8629) 11.08.2015 08:44
I'm an experienced blender user but I am wanting to add animated 3d tracks to a mod. To do this I am using Maya but I am a bit inexperienced with both Maya and animations. My question is what is the best way of doing this?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 12.08.2015 08:10

an other idea would be to use the xml animations, because they are more flexible - at least in conjunction with the farming simulator.

Concerning the maya animations you might want to have a look at our video tutorials.
They explain the basics of it.


Andy Mikell (Skooter8629) 14.08.2015 05:47
Which XML animations are you referring to exactly? The uv scroll shader and the associated scripts?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.08.2015 08:15

sorry my mistake ... just read "animation" but not "tracks".

So you want to "animate" the wheel tracks, like on the NH CR10.90?
Let's call them crawlers.

So, yes you should use a (uv scroll) shader for that.
You have different options for that.
If you have a specular map to make the crawlers appear dirty just use the vehicleDirtShader.
If the crawlers are not able to get dirty just use the uvScrollShader.

To understand what xml entries are neccessary please have a look at the caseIH9230Crawler.xml or any other vehicle.xml file which makes use of crawlers.
Just take your time and try to understand what each attribute is good for.

Surely you'll need the crawler specialization too.


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