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Add columns so all fruits show up

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Created11.09.2015 15:06

Ron Smith (pasnthru99) 11.09.2015 15:07
in the panel list that shows growth stages and ready to harvest it will only allow 5 new fruits to be listed, what would i need to do to complete this code to make it work or will it even work at all?
TableRow row = new TableRow();
row.set("Column1", "Sample23");
row.set("Column2", 7);
row.set("Column3", "Sample25");

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2015 19:10

you could write a custom script to displayall fruits somewhere else, but displaying all fruits in the menu could get hard/impossible because you would have to overwrite a default script which is not publicly available.


Ismael Artacho Angel (Unknown) 21.10.2015 14:49
Why no change this in the next patch?

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