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blockShapeID numbers

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Created04.12.2015 11:26

John Pako (logic321) 04.12.2015 11:26
How do you work out a blockShapeID number from a image please

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.12.2015 11:45

could you please explain in detail what you want to do?
Currently I could only guess what you're tying to achieve ;)


John Pako (logic321) 04.12.2015 19:22
Well I am adding new fruits to a map but they dont have blockShapeID numbers in the foliagesublayer sections

I was told blockShapeID numbers

The blockShapeIds are just shapeIds, which refers to a specific shape (i.e. 3D-mesh) - just like whatever other building, road-piece or train-model you import into the map.

So you could basically make your own shapes (3D-meshes in Blender/Maya/etc.) for each of the growth-states of the 'new fruit', and UV-map the one material (texture) onto each shapes.

Then import the "new fruit shapes.I3D" (or however you've managed to get Blender/Maya/etc. to export to I3D file-format), save and via a text-editor find the shapeId-numbers to be used in the blockShapeId array.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 07.12.2015 08:02

absolutely correct.

First you import the new model.
Make sure to give it a decent name so that you can find it easier when searching for it in the text editor.

So, the second step would be to save the map after importing the model, then open it by using a text editor and search for the newly imported model.

In the 'scenegraph line' of the model you will find the "shapeId" and this value can be used in the foliage layer.

If everything works you can delete the imported model.

Finally, I'm not sure where your problem is?


D. Ecker (Decker_MMIV) 10.12.2015 17:41
I can see that logic321 quoted my text, I wrote at:

> [..] where your problem is?

If I may take a guess, it is where to find (up-to-date) information about the structure and id-references that a I3D is made of, and in particular that new (not documented?) "blockShapeId" attribute. - Not to mention 'shader'-code, texCoords/UV-mapping, the other different XML-attributes that a <FoliageSubLayer> consist of, etc. etc.

Also note that logic321 wrote it as:
> [..] blockShapeId [..] from a image [..]

Uhm? "shapeId" vs. "a image"?

That indicates to me, that some modders are perhaps thinking that adding new fruit graphics in FS15, is still as easy as doing it in FS2011/FS2013... which it isn't exactly, when wanting to use FS15's feature of 'blockShapeId' and 3D-meshes/-models for the growth-states.


John Pako (logic321) 11.12.2015 12:18
I do apologise Decker MMIV, I was about to quote it was you who told me about blockShapID. so i am guilty of that. it was not done intentionally

yes it seems I have more to learn about adding new fruits in 2015

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