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Created15.01.2016 18:18

Gary Hargreaves (Unknown) 15.01.2016 18:20
Hello all Looking for alittle assistance, i have changed the trains to Boats but need some assistance / Scripts to change the Sounds, Looking at the Docu, i see:

-- attach sound to the last train wagon
self.trainSoundId = createAudioSource("train", "data/maps/sounds/train.wav", 160, 10, 1, 0);
local soundAttacherNode = self.trainTransform;
if getNumOfChildren(self.trainTransform) > 0 then
soundAttacherNode = getChildAt(self.trainTransform, getNumOfChildren(self.trainTransform) - 1);
link(soundAttacherNode, self.trainSoundId);
setVisibility(self.trainSoundId, false);

How can i change this sound, i have only Basic LUA Knowledge?

Gary Hargreaves (Unknown) 16.01.2016 14:13
Managed to get an Override made thanks.

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