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Created20.05.2010 14:18

Thomas H. (Patar) 20.05.2010 14:22
Hi to all,

at the time i'm creating a mod wich needs static particle systems, so i've looked everywhere (SDK, Forum search, Docu...) but I cant find anything, than i looked in Geris script, because i know that he already has created a static particle system. He use the function:


ut if i use this line in my script, it won't work, the console say sad this function is nil? Someone said me, if i set the tangentSpeed in the particle system to 0, it would be static, but this dont work, too.

i hope that someone can help me, thanks

Thomas H. (Patar) 20.05.2010 14:55
okay i have seen my problem, geri has made an little utils.luc extension, if i use this, it work. First i hadn't seen this file. If geri once read this, he should pleas say me if i'm allowed to use his utils.luc file.


Benjamin G (Unknown) 16.06.2010 08:26
yes you can
greets Geri

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