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Created02.11.2016 20:28

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 02.11.2016 20:31
Hi, I'm Tyson and I need help scripting my mod cause I am having a problem and need some help to fix it. This is what the log says about it and I don't know how to fix it...

Load mod: Creeping_Crawler
Error: C:/Users/tyson_000/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//Creeping_Crawler/modDesc.xml(0). Error reading Element value..
Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod Creeping_Crawler

Please help!!!!

*turbostar* (federicocuci) 02.11.2016 21:40
You must add under "<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>" in your modDesc.xml this line:

<modDesc descVersion="32">

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 04.11.2016 03:50
K, thanks. I'll try that and let you know how I make out. :)

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 08.11.2016 20:00
No, I guess I already had that and it did not work. Any other suggestions? BTW what is element value? I'm new to this.

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 10.11.2016 18:25
i suggest checking your spelling , that error suggest to me that it's trying to read a part of the first line and it cannot because a part of it is badly closed

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 11.11.2016 23:18
I did check that but still did not work. Could you maybe send me a script already done so all I have to do is change the parts that have to do with my mod please? Or maybe could I send you the mod(s) that I'm working on and you could fix them for me please!? I'll even let you keep a copy of the mod if you want! :)

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