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Get information from market?

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Created13.11.2016 02:41

Zane Gna (Unknown) 13.11.2016 02:43
Is there a way to get current grain pricing from the market?

Sámson Bence (Unknown) 13.11.2016 15:42
I literally just started looking for the same thing a few hours ago and the closest I could find is this:

I haven't done anything with lua or farming simulator before though so I have no idea how to actually call that function or if it's the one I want at all. Probably pretty simple, but I am absolutely new.

Zggtf211 (Unknown) 14.11.2016 04:15
I'm new too! lol!

Hopefully someone will be able to point us in the right direction

Sámson Bence (Unknown) 14.11.2016 19:04
Okay, so I have been what feels like banging my head against a wall for hours upon hours (but it's alright, I learned some stuff), here's the useful stuffs I learned:

You can use DebugUtil.printTableRecursively(g_currentMission.tipTriggers, "--" , 0, 1); to get information about tip triggers or any tables in the game.

TipTrigger is the one we need here.

map01.xml (for goldcrest) also helps somewhat with tipTriggers.
After reading through and understanding the above things I think I have a good grasp on things, but I am obviously missing something important and probably very simple.

Now you should be able the get values out by doing something like this:

I don't know how to index it properly (hence the ???), I have tried many things some logical, some stupid, but most of the time I get the error "attempt to index a nil value". I am stuck at this point.

I have to admit though, the severe lack of proper documentation doesn't help. But I guess they will fill out the gaps seeing how fs15 is now.

Tykonket (Unknown) 18.11.2016 17:57
This should be the final solution:

You can even use printTableRecursively and try to find something in the "EconomyManager" object.
Let me know if you need something else.

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