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money event fs17

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Created19.11.2016 19:34

Antoine Gagnon (Unknown) 19.11.2016 19:42
Hi ! I want to now if Money event exit in fs17 ?
money income;
money lose;
Bank loan increase;
Bank loan decrease;

excuse me for my bad english I am french :)
thank you!

Antoine Gagnon (Unknown) 20.11.2016 23:43
I find I was not looking at the right place :)

Gunnar Lesser (Unknown) 21.11.2016 10:13
Hey, can you tell me where you found it ? :-)

Antoine Gagnon (Unknown) 21.11.2016 22:59
Finaly I am not sure if I found it or not. I found that : Script->triggers->ShopTrigger but I don't think it is.
if they are the good triggers how do we use them to now the money that player use ?

Tykonket (Unknown) 25.11.2016 11:49
I'm not sure, but I think that Script->Triggers->ShopTrigger is the trigger when you can sell and modify vehicles at the shop.
I'm searching for something like this, but the real problem is that the documentation is not complete...
I see many modders that use functions not documented, so i think that GIANTS team helps in some ways them.

Michael T. (mx11de) 04.01.2017 10:26
Hi, many modders print out the lua tables to find variables and functions and try to use this functions.

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