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Created20.11.2016 15:28

James Biddulph (Unknown) 20.11.2016 15:32
Why in God's name has Giants taken out the onCreate.Ship script option, I used this to great effect in my FS 15 map to create a custom Virgin train and an Easy Jet fly past, this gives a map an original feel.

Now that this simple option has been taken from us modders it makes the game boring and maps VERY similar to a point where original maps are going to be a thing of the past. Shame on you Giants, unless this is brought back for 2019 I for one will not be buying it.

Antoine Gagnon (Unknown) 20.11.2016 19:10
maybe they just change the name ...

Ekkehard Kohfeld (EKohfeld) 20.11.2016 19:37
Google translator
Since I can only connect, a real shame had so many trains, ships and airplanes at LS15 built real real live on the map, now not even
More a bird or plane in the sky except for a few poorly original traffic vehicles dead trousers: - ((((You're still living in real life but not so alone.

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