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Created22.11.2016 19:09

Alexander Knüppel (DerPotsdamer) 22.11.2016 19:30
Hi all!

Strange Forum Tool, or I am too stupid. :-)
First of all: My english is not so good, I am german.

The Question:
I want to use an external Tachometer with Live-Data from LS17.
I don´t know any direct way to do this, so I have the Idea to use a LUA Script an use the getLastSpeed to get the current Speed. But is there a Chance to take this Data to an external Programm, Script or File?
I use an Arcaze USB Device which have an Display Interface. On github there is a Tool to control the digits and I hope to connect this two Things:
LS17 -> LUA Script -> DAC -> Arcaze USB

Is there anyone who can help me with this project?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.11.2016 21:38
The FS LUA engine doesn't offer real-time system I/O operations. And that's ok, else 'bad' modders could easily capture the system.
You can merely use XML file output, but that's far away from real-time and second the file traffic will slow down the performance significantly.
So better forget your idea. ;)

Pascal Stahl (Unknown) 07.12.2016 11:57
Hello together,

i disagree with Bilbo. If you write the xml file to an SSD drive or to a ramdisk it is possible to exchange small chunks of data in every frame. For my project i write the current position (x, y and z-value) as well as the current speed to an xml-file in every frame and i am still able to run FS15 with 60fps. If you want more info let me know, otherwise i will save my time and assume that you have dropped your project ;-)

Viele Grüße,
Pascal ;-)

Luca Schweiger (Unknown) 26.06.2017 22:11
Hey Pascal,
könntest du mir eine Anleitung schicken wie ich die Geschwindigkeit auslesen kann?

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