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Created28.11.2016 22:52

Paul Laverick (Unknown) 28.11.2016 22:53
Hi all,

Just updating a few of my mods for the new game.
I've had a look, but can't seem to find an equivalent to this command I used to get the farm silo levels - g_currentMission:getSiloAmount
I have located where the fill levels are kept - g_currentMission.storages - but no clear way to get the silo amount, as I think this holds the storage for the train silos also....

Can anyone help please?
Many thanks,

Sámson Bence (Unknown) 29.11.2016 00:27
g_currentMission.siloTriggers is all the silos (train silos too)

g_currentMission.farmSiloTrigger is your main silo

You can then use :getFillLevel(fillType)

Paul Laverick (Unknown) 03.12.2016 19:05
I will give that a try!
Many thanks

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