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Problem with shovel specialization

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Created04.12.2016 09:35

Denis Solano (Sugurugt) 04.12.2016 09:49
Good morning,
i have a mod bucket CSZ with central unloading.
This mod uses in particular these three specializations:
<specialization name="shovel" />
<specialization name="overloading" />
<specialization name="pipe" />
The overloading and pipe scripts work properly, unloading on the ground and in the trailer.
The shovel script discharge always and only on the ground.
If i remove the overloaded and pipe specializations, the specialization shovel working properly and in addition to discharge the ground even in the trailer.
But for this mod CSZ, I need you to work all three scripts together.
How can I unload the shovel on the trailer using all the three script?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.12.2016 00:44
The new Shovel.lua is totally different to FS15 due to tipAnywhere. So I doubt you'll get the mod working without rewriting the mod's lua's.

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