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getRotation of steerables

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Created01.11.2010 09:56

Andreas Großschedl (Unknown) 01.11.2010 10:00

I need to get the Rotation of steerables so i did that:


i need the ry value, but this is only 0 to 90 deg and 0 to -90 deg but i need 0 to 360 deg. Do i need a second value to compare?


Markus Uphoff (Unknown) 01.11.2010 10:21
you want to know the rotation of the vehicle you drive at the moment?

local x,y,z = localDirectionToWorld(self.rootNode, 0, 0, 1);
local length = Utils.vector2Length(x,z);
local dX = x/length
local dZ = z/length
local TDirection = math.deg(math.atan2(dX,dZ))
if TDirection < 0 then
TDirection = 360 - (TDirection * -1)

TDirection is the direction in degree (0-360)

i hope i can help

Andreas Großschedl (Unknown) 01.11.2010 20:37
yes, this works fine. Maybe you can tell me what you are doing here?


Markus Uphoff (Unknown) 02.11.2010 17:35
what i´m doing here?
help other users and get help

Andreas Großschedl (Unknown) 03.11.2010 07:07
Yes, of course! But that's not what i meant. I wanted to know what the base of this calculation is, because i maybe need such a thing a few times?


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 15.11.2010 09:25
The code calculates the angle of the object's z-axis about the world y-axis.

You should make yourself familiar with the atan2 function, this is the main part in the code above.

localDirectionToWorld(self.rootNode, 0, 0, 1) simply returns the vector of the object's z-axis.

Andreas Großschedl (Unknown) 15.11.2010 14:39
Thank you for the explanation!

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