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Make Bucket mountable.

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Created17.03.2017 20:16

Eanna Wood (Unknown) 17.03.2017 20:21
I have made a telehandler shovel tool. I need to make it mountable so that it can be strapped onto a flatbed trailer such as the DPW 1800 like a bale or pallet and function as a bucket when unloaded.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.03.2017 06:56

you only need to ad the "mountable" specialization, if that has not yet been added.
Also make sure that the tool has the correct "collision mask" (just check other shovels to see what mask is needed)


Eanna Wood (Unknown) 21.03.2017 17:24

Thanks for the reply. I am currently not using an independant vehicle type, instead i just set the vehicle type in bucket.xml to shovel_animated. How do I add the shovel_animated in my new modesc vehicletype because it is not a specialisation.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.03.2017 07:06

here is the defition of shovael_animated

<type name="shovel_animated" className="Vehicle" filename="dataS/scripts/vehicles/Vehicle.lua">
<specialization name="attacherJoints" />
<specialization name="lights" />
<specialization name="attachable" />
<specialization name="animatedVehicle" />
<specialization name="cylindered" />
<specialization name="fillable" />
<specialization name="fillVolume" />
<specialization name="shovel" />
<specialization name="foldable" />
<specialization name="washable" />
<specialization name="mountable" />

As you caan see the mountable specialization is already in there.
So the problem must be located somewhere else.

Did you check the collision mask?


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