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please explain "getDensityParallelogram()"

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Created17.03.2017 21:50

Benito Kreis (Unknown) 17.03.2017 21:53
Please explain the meaning of the arguments for someone without internal giants knowledge.

function getDensityParallelogram()

integer transformId id of transform object
float x x position
float z z position
float dX1 x value of 1st direction
float dZ1 z value of 1st direction
float dX2 x value of 2nd direction
float dZ2 z value of 2nd direction
integer firstChannel first channel
integer numChannels number of channels
Return Values
integer density density
integer numPixels number of pixels
integer totalNumPixels total number of pixels

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 21.03.2017 07:03

"transformId" is the layer which should be queried. This might be "g_currentMission.terrainDetailId" if you want to check the ground's state (cultivated ploughed, ...) or the id to a fruit layer or ...

The next six arguments define a parallelogramm in world ccordinates. A point and two vectors. Y coordinates are neglected, so you only need two components per point or vector.

Finally you have the first channel and the amount of channels which get queried.


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