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Help me make a LUA script for a mod for FS17

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Created10.05.2017 17:40

Benjamin Lund (Unknown) 10.05.2017 17:43
I need help to make a mod showing information such as speed, position and fill levels ... in another monitr. Now I need help to cook a lua script that saves information from farming sim 17 to an XML file or similar.
If you know how to please help me! Sorry for my bad English.

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 10.05.2017 19:29
I'm not sure if saving to and reading from an XML file would be the best option for this, but I guess you don't have many options when you need it to be an external app.

Some suggestions: Check out the "loadFromAttributesAndNodes" and "getSaveAttributesAndNodes" methods in most vehicles/placeables for saving to and reading from the XML file. For reading filllevels etc., check out the fillable specialization's script.

Benjamin Lund (Unknown) 11.05.2017 20:26
Ok, thanks

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