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Lua scripting in Notepad++ with code completion

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Created23.05.2017 11:18

Simon Dahlquist (SimDala) 23.05.2017 11:18

I want to be able to get code completion when scripting in Notepad++ containting the FS17 API.

Has anyone the needed xml files to achive this or is it possible to download complete collection of the lua-files within the API?

I didn't find anyting about this in the Scripting for Dummies pdf included or somewhere here on the forum but I may have missed something.

Thanks in advance.

Simon Dahlquist (SimDala) 23.05.2017 11:51
An other thought might also bee to use some IDE or such, but the main concern is that I want the FS17 API to be parsed into the code completion.

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