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Help me make a LUA script for a mod for FS17

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Created28.05.2017 21:06

Benjamin Lund (Unknown) 28.05.2017 21:06
I need help to make a mod showing information such as speed, position and fill levels ... in another monitor. Now I need help to make a lua script that saves information from farming sim 17 to a "memory mapped file" that my program can read, i dont know if this is possible in FS17 but if not can someone help me save it to an XML file or similar. If you know how to please help me!, im not so good at lua so can someone give me code examples if you know. Sorry for my bad English.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 29.05.2017 00:04
See the examples on this site in Documentation -> Scripting API Reference.
In the "Specialisations" LUAs you'll find many examples to write datas to a .xml file.
However without at least basic knowledge in LUA scripting you won't succeed.

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