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Does 'getMoneyTypeId()' always return the same numbers?

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Created11.07.2017 16:36

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 11.07.2017 16:36
I want to be able to obtain the used currency in my custom script. I know that 'getMoneyTypeId()' gives you the currency, but it's a number (When I tested, it was 67, 68 and 69). Can I reference this number somewhere, and get the currency in text or something like that? Or are these numbers always the same, so I can hard-code those numbers?

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 11.07.2017 20:14
Quote from another forum where I asked this question, credit goes to 'modelleicher' on FS-UK:

"To get the currency you can use local currency = g_gameSettings.moneyUnit which is either "1" (Euro) or "2" (Dollar) or "3" (Pounds) those numbers are hard-coded so they don't change."

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