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Help - Script creation for cotton bales

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Created30.08.2017 15:48

Caio Zwicker (CaioAlves) 30.08.2017 15:48
Hi everybody, I'm starting my work on converting a cotton harvester that produces cotton bales. I am a beginner and very layman in this subject of scripts. Could anyone help me regarding the creation and setup of these cotton bales in the game (FS17)?

I thought about getting the straw bale scripts in the first place for testing, but even then, I have a lot of questions. Please, if any modder is interested in helping, I will provide my material and model. Grateful.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 11.09.2017 10:15

you can register new bale types in your modDesc.xml.

For the combine to drop bales instead of swath you might need to write a custom script.
Eventually it might work if you plug in/together several sepcializations (combine + baler), but I'm not sure if that is enough ...


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