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Silage overloader don't empty in other trailer

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Created15.09.2017 18:19

Antoine Boulestin (TonioMod) 15.09.2017 18:19

I am in convert a silage overloader but i cant unload in other trailer only ctrl-i works :/

If you have solution ..
i see lot of people who use original augerwagon but they aren't adapt to silage

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 18.09.2017 07:21

you can try to incorporate the shovel specialization or use it instead of the trailer specialization.


Antoine Boulestin (TonioMod) 18.09.2017 23:05
Hi Emil

Thamk's for your help and your good idea ! It is most easy in XML

But after I config in spec Shovel and write XML, my trailer don't tip in other trailer :/ in earth yes when I open back door. and when it is above a trailler nothing happens

For me the tiptrigger and the fillVolumeShape need to be connect for starting tipping

Am I wrong ?


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