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Is it possible to send an event that only runs on the server, without broadcasting to clients?

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Created27.09.2017 23:30

Tim Derks (timmiej93) 27.09.2017 23:30
I want to send a message from a client to the server, but the other clients don't need this data. Is it possible to send an event from a client to the server, without broadcasting that event, or is it possible to do this in an other way?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.10.2017 15:52

let's take a look at the function setCrabSteering()

In this case ...
the client sends the event to the server
the server does a broadcast of the event

You can adjust the event in such a way that it does not send the event to further clients.
Just dig into a lua file of an event and try to understand how it works.


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